Winners of Best Poster Award

Name Poster Title Affiliation
Sangeeth John (E-015). Solar light assisted simultaneous power generation and water purification utilizing brownmillerite and chalcogenide electrodes Anna University
Lavudya Devendar (A-013).Intercalated and surface water-mediated Electromechanical Response of 2D Materials on Flexible Substrates. Indian Institute of Technology Madras
Subodh Khamari (H-003). A study of Exchange Bias effect in Fe3O4@MnO Core shell Hetero nanostructures Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar
Garima Gupta (E-019).ZnCo2O4 - g-C3N4 as an electrode material for photo-assisted Zinc-ion supercapacitor application Indian Institute of Technology Madras
Sandhyarani Sahoo (F-024).High Responsivity in Monolayer MoS2 Photodetector via Controlled Interfacial Carrier Trapping Institute of Physics, Bhubaneswar
Tanushri Das (I-018).Enhanced Ammonia Sensing Performance of Zn Doped BaFe12O19 Nanoparticles-Based Sensor for Noninvasive Detection of Ammonia in Exhaled Breath of Patients with Renal Diseases CSIR- Central Glass and Ceramics Research Institute
Debanjan Maity (J-023).Effect of Cuprous Oxide Nanocubes and Antimony Nanorods on the Performance of Silicon Nanowires Based Quasi Solid-state Solar Cell Indian institute of technology Hyderabad
Akshpreet Kaur (K-007). Impact of Deformation on the Structural and Electronic Properties of MWCNT-PDMS based Triboelectric Nanogenerator Panjab University
Rahul Kumar (L-067).MoSe2/n-GaN hybrid structures for Enhanced UV Photodetector CSIR-National Physical Laboratory
Neju Mathew Philip (L-015).Tuning of electronic properties of co-evaporated Ag: SnS thin films for heterojunction devices National Institute of Technology Tiruchirappalli

  • Publication of the conference papers after peer-review process in

    Journal of Materials Science : Materials in Electronics (Springer)